April Is Going Out Like A Fogelfoot

Did you see the hologram of Fogelfoot at Coachella? No, because the real Fogelfoot is still alive and subjugating the quivering month of April to its cruel will.

Fogelfoot makes its first trip west of the exotic 405 freeway to TRIP in Santa Monica. Quaff ales and vine-squeezings mere miles from the treacherous Pacific Ocean as Fogelfoot unleashes its Enough-Time-Has-Passed-To-Get-Away-with-Saying Tsunami of talent.


Finally, Fogelfoot makes its debut at Hollywood’s famous Los Globos, whose appreciation for our brand of Latin Nightmarescapes will undoubtedly make California cede itself back to Mexico where it belongs.

Fogelfoot returns to the wonderful Skinny’s NoHo Lounge for an evening of burlesque, pole dancing, and Fogelfoot to benefit cancer (NOTE: Fogelfoot is not in favor of getting more cancer, but preventing all of it).

See sidebar for show times, prices, and directions. See Fogelfoot for the will to live.

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