Fogelfoot will take a picture with you on July 12 at Harvard & Stone

With Tommy Lee’s recent post on Motley Crue’s Facebook page that he hates fans who request pictures, Fogelfoot restates its Pictures-with-Fans policy.

Fogelfoot is charmed and honored by your need to be seen in the same place as America’s Only Band, and we will grant any reasonable request to appear in photographs with you. Exceptions include tableaux in which we are all setting forest fires, committing war atrocities, and/or making sausages. Those things are private.

But will we consider being photographed with you stage-diving, swimming with dolphins, saving your spouse/mistress from kidnapers, signing your perineum with a thick Sharpie, or vote-tampering? Most likely.

Because you are our fans, and the police will require proof that you were where you said you were on July 12. Not only that, but quiet dinners with our families and loved ones is overrated. If you approach Fogelfoot at their communal vegetarian feasts for a cameraphone snapshot, they will gladly put down their hummus wand and pose with you.

“We’ll eat when we’re dead,” Fogelfoot will say.

Anyone desiring a picture with Fogelfoot can have his/her wish come true on Thursday night, July 12, at Harvard & Stone, 5221 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, 90027.

(Thanks to Sinn Sage and Ela Darling for this picture.)

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