Fogelfoot 411

Fogelfoot is a versatile, tuneful, audience-focused, and original band from Los Angeles. We have played at Busby’s, Taix, Harvard & Stone, Los Globos, Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace, Club Fais Do Do, The Dillon Roadhouse, Skinny’s, Kulak’s Woodshed, Universal Bar & Grille, private parties, barn raisings, firing squads, brises, and Raptures.

BIO (from the Merrimack River Scrolls):

Marty Barrett and Brian Descheneaux met in high school in one of the disputed birthplaces of the American Industrial Revolution. Out of this conflict grew an appreciation of forgotten or otherwise maligned 70′s singer/songwriters. The connection remains unclear.

Reuniting in Los Angeles mere months after graduation, they began work on “All That Jaws,” the greatest American rock opera ever undertaken.

Realizing, however, that nothing short of a continent-sized satellite orbiting the Earth would suffice to stage the musical retelling of “Jaws” from the shark’s point of view, Barrett and Descheneaux instead looked inward to the peaceful, easy-like-Sunday-morning attitudes of the early late 20th century and adopted the monikers England Bread and Jim James Fogelfoot.

Their efforts resulted in “Fogelfoot Hotel,” which critics yet to be born will doubtless describe as “Brandy goes through the Looking Glass, finds Chico without the Man, and saves Fernando from the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald while crossing the Rio Grande calling ‘Wildfire.’”

From This Will Make Your Head Explode: The Best Music Ever

A Hollywood-based Alternative History Band, Fogelfoot resulted from the question “What if it was Gordon Lightfoot, Dan Fogelberg, James Taylor, and Bread that trashed hotel rooms, frightened parents, and choked on vomit?” Founded by Marty Barrett and Brian Descheneaux, Fogelfoot takes on what the 70′s might have been had wispy singer/songwriters only grown a pair. Their songs about sharks and government cheese are the delight of their hard-drinking zip code.

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