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June 29: Fogelfoot drops the bomb

(Reprinted from All That

A lot of things happened on both Tinian and Amity Islands on June 29. Let us help you make some sense of it.

If history is written by the victor, then we do not know whom to trust in the various official and unofficial written statements about the deaths of Chrissie Watkins and Alex Kintner. Continue reading

A brief note on how to do it right

Because we are insanely funny as well as soulful and thought-provoking, Fogelfoot has been the musical act at a lot of comedy shows lately, in which we appear on the same bill as a number of standups.

Last night’s Comedy Cult at Hollywood’s Home Room, hosted by Dave Sirus, was the best value for the audience for the following reasons:

1. It started on time
2. Both the open mic and programmed part of the show were short; no one went on longer than a few minutes, meaning that the funniest people left the audience wanting more—which is always a good thing—and the not-as-funny people didn’t go on so long as to make the audience feel un charitable.
2a. That said, all the comedians were fantastic. Dave Sirus, Sam Obeid, Ed Galvez, Brock Wilbur, Eric Toms, Alison Stevenson, and Robert Buscemi each had great charm and great jokes.
3. At no point, when a joke didn’t go over well, did a comedian blame the audience for it. As an audience member, I hate when I am asked to pay for more than my admission fee.
4. Everyone got paid. I don’t care if we’re just starting out or not; we shouldn’t leave a venue with less money than when we came in.
5. Fogelfoot had a reason to be there. We played before, during, and after the show. Just a few songs in a short show, for which people stayed because the welcome never had a chance to get worn out.
6. When we are on the bill with a bunch of other acts, it’s good if the acts have something in common and if there is a host moving things along, Recent shows at Skinny’s and the Home Room are examples of this sort of thing being done extremely well, to both the acts’ and the audiences’ benefits.

Fogelfoot & Metalachi May 22 @ Skinny’s

You haven’t lived until you have enjoyed the simple pleasures of a heavy metal mariachi band. When dear friends Metalachi asked Fogelfoot to grace their CD release party, we said, “Si,” the way actual Mexicans might.

“Fogelfoot, with your beats so fecund,” Metalachi asked, “Won’t you open for us the 22nd?”

We return to Skinny’s Lounge, Fogelfoot’s official favorite place to perform in North Hollywood.

There will be giveaways, some kind of vodka girls, food trucks, craziness, and copies of Metalachi’s brand new CD, “Uno.” Tickets are $7 and, because of the attendant debauchery, admission is 21+.

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Fogelfoot + Comedians May 17 @ Home Room

Fogelfoot returns to the Home Room (3121 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles) Thursday, May 17 for its regular Comedy Cult featuring the likes of comedians Dave Sirus, Alison Stevenson, Robert Buscemi, Brock Wilbur, Ed Valdez, Sam Obeid, Nick Turner, Eric Toms, and Slow Children Crossing.

We have seen the very funny Dave Sirus before, and are sure the other acts are great. Not only that, but we’re positive they listed Fogelfoot on their web pages and Facebook events, too.

Why you should see Fogelfoot tonight rather than Van Halen

Fogelfoot, as an organization, is a great fan of Van Halen. After all, it was of Fogelfoot that the seminal California hard rock band wrote the lyric “Have you seen junior’s grades?”

But Fogelfoot’s is the sound you should spend your money on tonight at Skinny’s NoHo, and here’s why:

1. Ticket price. At $5 a pop, you could enjoy the exquisite Fogelfoot show (as well as the talents of The Lebarons, Valmont, Shotgun Sugar, and Deltanaut) and still have at least a hundred bucks left over for Skinny’s generous Midnight Happy Hour drinks. What does five bucks get you at a Van Halen concert? Bus fare to the Staples Center.
2. Youth. As you well know, Fogelfoot is all about the teens. With a combined age of 191, how can Van Halen speak to your youthful needs? “I like how the line goes up the back of the stocking,” says David Lee Roth. Fogelfoot fans don’t even wear undergarments.
3. Sea birds. Does Van Halen have a song about a cormorant? No.
4. Chemistry. The members of Fogelfoot don’t hate each other, even secretly.
5. Logistics. Van Halen isn’t even playing tonight, anyway.

We hope to see you: You’ll get some leg tonight for sure!

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Fogelfoot would rock all 7 billion faces if given the opportunity to see them

LOS ANGELES—Responding to United Nation estimates that the world population has surpassed 7 billion, Fogelfoot today announced plans to rock them.

“Perhaps even rock the shit out of them,” Fogelfoot added. “If the venue has appropriate drainage.”

Since Bon Jovi’s 1990 song “Dead Or Alive,” in which Mr. Jovi reported that he had “seen a million faces, and [had] rocked them all,” the world population has grown by 2 billion.

And according to Fogelfoot, auto-hailed as America’s Alternate History Band, its appeal as an aggregator, synthesizer, innovater, and regurgitator of popular song trends casts a wider net than the band from New Jersey.

“Bon Jovi had better hold on to what they got,” Fogelfoot said, “because we are going to rock the faces of 6,999,999,000 more people than they.”

Fogelfoot, which recently played for an audience numbered “in the high 30s” in Sherman Oaks, California, estimates it will reach the 7 Billion Faces Rocked goal by 2317.

“By that point we expect the population to have stabilized back to a Book of Genesis-friendly 37,” Fogelfoot said, “so we’ll probably find some place in New Sherman Oaks for the show, outside the Sentient Bacteria Zone.”


Skinny’s Lounge: October 17

Fogelfoot is playing more gigs in the exotic San Fernando Valley, which is just fine by us. Life is simpler there, parking is plentiful, drinks are less expensive, and audiences are only 96 percent comprised of entertainment industry personnel.

Voted “Best Place to Chill Over the Hill,” (I’m assuming this is due to its laid-back vibe rather than the number of retirees), Skinny’s is a great club.

Fogelfoot will be performing around 10 p.m., and other bands on the lineup include Blaise Smith, Sheri Pedigo, and Alaina Blair with Bill Alexander.

Join your friends as you walk through the San Fernando Valley of the Shadow of FOGELFOOT. Performing their contagious, disturbing, whimsical, and often poignant brand of Satan/songwriter fare, FOGELFOOT will enchant you even as you quaff Skinny’s strong beverages.

Skinny’s Lounge
4923 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA

Primal Fogelfoot

Brian and Marty will be performing the next few Fogelfoot dates as a duo, due to some amicable artistic and personnel changes. Recent duo performances have been raucous yet intimate affairs, as something changes in an audience when it is confronted with the majesty of Fogelfoot unbound by the noisy discipline of a rhythm section.

Fogelfoot will play a Japan benefit on April 23, will return as the house band for Sexy Tales & Other Intimate Acts on April 26, and gets its French on at Taix on May 12. Continue reading