Fogelfoot is based in Los Angeles. Why? Because that’s where dreams live. But we also travel so that we may understand you better.

  • Booking: booking [at] fogelfoot [dot] [com]
  • Management: bidness [at] fogelfoot [dot] [com]

6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Yo! Enjoyed the gig last night. My wife couldnt stop giggling the whole way home. Put me on your email list to let us know about next gigs

  2. hey! fogelfoot is the spiritual child of burnt bacharach, tho’ he has gone where his fathers dared not dream to go. deschenaux, thou prodigal son, take a cue from kevin cronin… it’s never too late to be “pullin’ the corn out.” don’t wait ’til the year 2525 to call your ol’ pal. his number has changed. it used to be 867-5309 (jenny), but now it’s [redacted]. he can be found in the great city of brooklyn these days.
    cheers! all hail fogelfoot!

  3. i book bands at skinnys lounge in north hollywood and we are looking to fill the headline spot at 11:30pm on oct. 17th..interested?

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