Rhythm Section Want Ad

Fogelfoot Seeks the Drums And Bass

We are looking for ensemble-minded, smart, fun, and accountable musicians to fill out Fogelfoot.

Fogelfoot is America’s Alternative History Band, playing the songs that sensitive singer/songwriter types of the 70′s would have written had they been the ones trashing hotel rooms and sticking shark bits in groupies.

We are dedicated to delighting audiences and making money. We’ve figured out the first part. But we’re committed to getting both with your help.

We’ve had great shows around SoCal at places like Taix, Busby’s, Skinny’s, Kulak’s, Fais Do Do, Pappy’s Pioneertown Palace, and El Cid, and are looking to make this year one of paid gigs and increased exposure.

Interested? Visit Fogelfoot.com for more info and to listen to demos, then write thunderfingers [at] fogelfoot [dot] com with your info.

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