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A brief note on how to do it right

Because we are insanely funny as well as soulful and thought-provoking, Fogelfoot has been the musical act at a lot of comedy shows lately, in which we appear on the same bill as a number of standups.

Last night’s Comedy Cult at Hollywood’s Home Room, hosted by Dave Sirus, was the best value for the audience for the following reasons:

1. It started on time
2. Both the open mic and programmed part of the show were short; no one went on longer than a few minutes, meaning that the funniest people left the audience wanting more—which is always a good thing—and the not-as-funny people didn’t go on so long as to make the audience feel un charitable.
2a. That said, all the comedians were fantastic. Dave Sirus, Sam Obeid, Ed Galvez, Brock Wilbur, Eric Toms, Alison Stevenson, and Robert Buscemi each had great charm and great jokes.
3. At no point, when a joke didn’t go over well, did a comedian blame the audience for it. As an audience member, I hate when I am asked to pay for more than my admission fee.
4. Everyone got paid. I don’t care if we’re just starting out or not; we shouldn’t leave a venue with less money than when we came in.
5. Fogelfoot had a reason to be there. We played before, during, and after the show. Just a few songs in a short show, for which people stayed because the welcome never had a chance to get worn out.
6. When we are on the bill with a bunch of other acts, it’s good if the acts have something in common and if there is a host moving things along, Recent shows at Skinny’s and the Home Room are examples of this sort of thing being done extremely well, to both the acts’ and the audiences’ benefits.