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“Behold His Hamhock Fists of Wrath”

It was pointed out at a recent Republican debate that you can’t spell Fogelfoot without Elf. For this reason and no other, we debut our take on the beloved carol “Behold His Hamhock Fists of Wrath,” which we will be performing December 19 and 22.

We recorded this as if we were playing the Midnight Mass at St. Rita’s.

Behold His Hamhock Fists of Wrath

To Joseph and Young Mary in the town of Bethlehem
Came an angel bright as lightning
Who proclaimed this to them:
“O fear not, Tender Virgin!
For much will come to pass;
The babe that you hold swaddling
Will kick the Devil’s ass.”

Behold! His hamhock fists of wrath!
Behold! His well-shod boot!
With Toe of Steel
And Godly Zeal
He’ll F the Devil up

To Joseph, who stood trembling’The angel spoke these words
“Your Son shall smite Foul Satan
And scare him free of turds.”
The cattle who stood lowing,
The Little Drummer Boy,
And Rudolph And the Yule Log
Heard these words with joy.