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Skinny’s Lounge: October 17

Fogelfoot is playing more gigs in the exotic San Fernando Valley, which is just fine by us. Life is simpler there, parking is plentiful, drinks are less expensive, and audiences are only 96 percent comprised of entertainment industry personnel.

Voted “Best Place to Chill Over the Hill,” (I’m assuming this is due to its laid-back vibe rather than the number of retirees), Skinny’s is a great club.

Fogelfoot will be performing around 10 p.m., and other bands on the lineup include Blaise Smith, Sheri Pedigo, and Alaina Blair with Bill Alexander.

Join your friends as you walk through the San Fernando Valley of the Shadow of FOGELFOOT. Performing their contagious, disturbing, whimsical, and often poignant brand of Satan/songwriter fare, FOGELFOOT will enchant you even as you quaff Skinny’s strong beverages.

Skinny’s Lounge
4923 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA