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Skinny’s September 29

Fogelfoot at Skinny’s Lounge September 29

Great sound system, comfy seats, intriguing people, generous drinks, and circling food trucks.

It’s official: Skinny’s is Fogelfoot’s favorite venue in North Hollywood.

We return this Saturday, September 29, for a 9 p.m. show. Your $10 admission guarantees close proximity to your favorite band and perhaps a knowing squeeze.

April Is Going Out Like A Fogelfoot

Did you see the hologram of Fogelfoot at Coachella? No, because the real Fogelfoot is still alive and subjugating the quivering month of April to its cruel will.

Fogelfoot makes its first trip west of the exotic 405 freeway to TRIP in Santa Monica. Quaff ales and vine-squeezings mere miles from the treacherous Pacific Ocean as Fogelfoot unleashes its Enough-Time-Has-Passed-To-Get-Away-with-Saying Tsunami of talent.


Finally, Fogelfoot makes its debut at Hollywood’s famous Los Globos, whose appreciation for our brand of Latin Nightmarescapes will undoubtedly make California cede itself back to Mexico where it belongs.

Fogelfoot returns to the wonderful Skinny’s NoHo Lounge for an evening of burlesque, pole dancing, and Fogelfoot to benefit cancer (NOTE: Fogelfoot is not in favor of getting more cancer, but preventing all of it).

See sidebar for show times, prices, and directions. See Fogelfoot for the will to live.

February 6—Skinny’s NoHo Lounge

That's my ear Dude
Fogelfoot is very happy to be performing at Skinny’s Lounge in the North Hollywood Arts District Monday night, February 6, We’ve performed there a bunch of times as well as seen other acts there, and the sound is great, the drinks are generous, and the clientele is attractive almost to distraction.

On Monday we will be joined by The LeBarons, Velmont, and Shotgun Sugar so, while post-SuperBowl riots are happening in New York, your best bet is to come to North Hollywood and see us.


“Behold His Hamhock Fists of Wrath”

It was pointed out at a recent Republican debate that you can’t spell Fogelfoot without Elf. For this reason and no other, we debut our take on the beloved carol “Behold His Hamhock Fists of Wrath,” which we will be performing December 19 and 22.

We recorded this as if we were playing the Midnight Mass at St. Rita’s.

Behold His Hamhock Fists of Wrath

To Joseph and Young Mary in the town of Bethlehem
Came an angel bright as lightning
Who proclaimed this to them:
“O fear not, Tender Virgin!
For much will come to pass;
The babe that you hold swaddling
Will kick the Devil’s ass.”

Behold! His hamhock fists of wrath!
Behold! His well-shod boot!
With Toe of Steel
And Godly Zeal
He’ll F the Devil up

To Joseph, who stood trembling’The angel spoke these words
“Your Son shall smite Foul Satan
And scare him free of turds.”
The cattle who stood lowing,
The Little Drummer Boy,
And Rudolph And the Yule Log
Heard these words with joy.


Presidents of Lankershim Blvd. 12/19 and 12/22

Fogelfoot returns in triumph and gratitude to mysterious Lankershim Blvd. on December 19 and December 22.

When Isaac Lankershim purchased one half of the San Fernando Valley in 1869, did he imagine Fogelfoot would one day play on the street that bore his name?

Yes. Turns out he did.

DECEMBER 19—Skinny’s Lounge
Skinny’s Lounge was the first place we played on Lankershim Blvd., a famous thoroughfare that starts in Studio City and ends in tears.

We’re excited to play with Metalachi, a band that plays what its name implies, at this dark and comfortable club where strange and wonderful things happen amongst the discreet booths.

See sidebar for more details.

DECEMBER 22—Universal Bar & Grille
What will likely be Fogelfoot’s final public event of 2011 takes place at the Universal Bar & Grille, a very red L-shaped affair that is like a Knight on Mars. It is fitting that “Universal” also describes the level of Fogelfoot’s fame in 2012, so you should get to this show before Fogelfootmania begins.

The show order goes thusly, beginning at 8 p.m.:

Angelo Coronado w/ Greg Terpatsy, The Alaina Blair Band, Debbie Little, Acustalapse, FOGELFOOT, and Supernaw.

See sidebar for more details.


Skinny’s Lounge: October 17

Fogelfoot is playing more gigs in the exotic San Fernando Valley, which is just fine by us. Life is simpler there, parking is plentiful, drinks are less expensive, and audiences are only 96 percent comprised of entertainment industry personnel.

Voted “Best Place to Chill Over the Hill,” (I’m assuming this is due to its laid-back vibe rather than the number of retirees), Skinny’s is a great club.

Fogelfoot will be performing around 10 p.m., and other bands on the lineup include Blaise Smith, Sheri Pedigo, and Alaina Blair with Bill Alexander.

Join your friends as you walk through the San Fernando Valley of the Shadow of FOGELFOOT. Performing their contagious, disturbing, whimsical, and often poignant brand of Satan/songwriter fare, FOGELFOOT will enchant you even as you quaff Skinny’s strong beverages.

Skinny’s Lounge
4923 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA